We build value beyond campaigns
  1. Magnum

    Good taste that tastes good

    Fashion is about being brave enough to follow your own desires despite the expectations of soceity.

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  2. Hellmann's

    An invitation on exactly 752 square centimeters

    Raising awareness around farm animal welfare on a piece of paper.

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  3. Magnum

    Magnum SS16

    An experiment in user generated content.

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  4. 3 Mobile

    Roskilde powered by 3

    Activate a sponsorship for 3 mobile at Roskilde Festival, that is noticed by and matters to the people attending the festival.

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  5. 3 Mobile

    CrowdSearch app

    Break through the clutter at one of North of Europe’s largest festivals through brand innovation.

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  6. Frisko

    Melted Packshots

    Packshots are mostly boring and way too serious. So we decided to make a series of new packshots for Frisko – melted. Goodbye Serious.

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  7. Royal Beer

    Thank you, Distortion

    Few are aware that Royal Beer is the main sponsor of the largest block party in Europe, Distortion. We decided to break the silence.

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  8. Neutral

    A life without perfume

    A lot of people don’t realize that they expose themselves to perfume every time they clean, wash their laundry or change diapers at their child.

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  9. Ben & Jerry's

    Corporate Activism

    Get danes to join Avaaz, Ben & Jerry’s and citizens from around the world who are calling on world leaders to tackle climate change at the upcoming summit in Paris.

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  10. Malaco

    Malaco Memes

    Malaco faces a rising demand for online presence and content creation – and at the same time they thrive to make life a bit more fun.

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  11. Hellmann's

    Big Burger Book

    Turn a low involvement product into an object of desire to a young target group with little knowledge and preference for the brand.

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  12. Frisko

    Do you remember the smile?

    It’s often the little things we remember from our childhood. We decided to capture the feeling on an old analog Canon EF.

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  13. 3 Mobile

    Business of the future

    3Business needs to communicate serious business solutions and signal trust and integrity to the Danish corporations.

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