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How to turn a low involvement product into an object of desire to a young target group with little knowledge and preference for the brand.

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#1: The burger has experienced a revival in the last years growing from fast food darling to a gastronomic trend with new cool burger restaurants popping up in cities across Scandinavia. #2: People drive trends – not brands.

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This represents a whole new way of thinking our marketing.
Leyla Larsson, Brand Manager for Hellmann's


A cookbook written by a selection of influencers and makers within food, art, design, music and sustainability for a full and in-depth portrait of the burger as favourite food and cultural icon. The book boosts 33 exciting recipes and was sold in design and lifestyle store across the country.

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The book put Hellmann’s on the map and turned mayonnaise from low-involvement to high engagement. The book sold-out proving that advertising in fact can be profitable if valuable enough.

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