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Activation: /aktɪˈveɪʃ(ə)n/
Activation is about creating tailored experiences for brands, that immerse, engage and connect with your customers.
Our Activation services


Creative Concepts

Ideas are the core of everything we do, and creating the right concept for your events or PR stunts can be the difference between success or suck-fest.


Pop-up events

Pop up events have that special gift of being able to create a time limited and extremely unique experience for all people invited or passing by.


Guerilla experiences

Giving our name & nature, this is one of our favorites. Guerilla is breaking the common routine and context of the cityspace. - The message will stick. Trust us.


Stakeholder events

Activation can be about getting the right people together around unique experiences for internal purposes. We’ve a lot of experience on putting together tailored events & workshops.


Influencer Collaborations

There's great value in co-creating & co-hosting with the right people. Collaborations are a great way of tapping into new and exciting communities.



Sometimes the key objective is to get your product in the hands of the right people. Sampling is a simple, but effective way of winning people's hearts.


Our broad skill set allows us to service your brands needs from start to finish. We handle everything from the concept, coordination, collaborations, crew all the way through to the communications.


Concept development

Ideas make our world go around. We create concepts that cut through the crowd, solve business goals and build brand advocacy with your customers. A solid concept is half the battle!

Event planning

You can leave the planning of your events in our hands. That way we can be on top of all details and make sure everything runs smoothly.


We specialize in matching your brand with the perfect collaborators. Whether it’s sponsorships, influencers, party-partners etc. etc.


Coordination & logistics

We can handle all of the logistics, planning and coordination for the entire expreience. That way, you can sit back and relax or focus on other things while we make sure that all of your ducks are in a row.

Material & Equipment

We work with a lot of different suppliers, so we can cater to whatever needs or wishes you might have. Materials, equipment, you name it! You just need to call, y’all.

Venues & permissions

We have great experience securing and facilitating your event the best way possible - whether it’s getting the right permissions or securing the right locations for whatever you want to do.


PR / Press

Activation shouldn't only need to be enjoyed by the people at the location - there is always a good story to tell and our dedicated PR team can help you spread the word.

Content production

We craft ideas that spread beyond the physical experience. Our content team are on hand to capture the vibes and convert that to engaging, shareable content.

Social Media

Let's look beyond content. How about live broadcasts? Geo-targeted Snapchat lenses? We have many tricks up our sleeve to make Social a part of your conversation.

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