A 4 min overview of the new Snapchat Ads

So Snapchat ads have landed in Denmark — sort of. First, you’ll have to fill out a form and wait to be approved by Snapchat. But — while we wait, we might as well start prepping. Here is a quick overview of the possibilities of Snap Ads.

During the past months, Snapchat has long teased us for both an Ads Manager and a Snap Publisher tool. Both are designed to make it easier for businesses to create and manage ads in Snapchat. And honestly — they look quite handy.

Snapchat ads 2
Snapchat Ads Manager
Snapchat ads 3
Snapchat Publisher

The Ads Manager rolled out in the US, Australia etc. first, but now it’s also available in DK (for the applicants approved by Snapchat). checking mail again — still no approval. Sighs

Well, while we’re waiting — let’s take a look at what Snap Inc. has to offer in terms of targeting and ad formats.

Targeting the Snappers: Audiences

Snapchat lists three options for targeting. The first one is the Snapchat Audiences, where you can target towards demographics, locations and interests. They do however not specify how they have detected and aggregated the interests of the snappers — if it’s by which accounts they follow (corporate etc.) or from what they watch in the Discover feed.

Snapchat ads 4

You can also make your own Snapchat audience with e-mails, via lookalike audiences and even target snappers who have engaged with previous content.

Snapchat ads 5

Finally, Snapchat offers partnership services for targeting. This is set audiences provided by third party companies. The audiences are based on loads of data about shoppers or TV/movie viewers. One of the third party services also offers location intelligence, where you can target snappers based on where they are or have visited. Exciting, I must say. bing — incoming email. Panic. Sighs again, just from the boss

Snapchat ads 6

Making the Snap ad: the different ad formats

Snap Inc. presents a variety of different ad formats — from videos and articles to app install and web view. However, the main focus for all of the app formats is still video first.

Snapchat ads 7

Besides the five different ad formats — two other formats will also be available for advertisers: the geofilter and lenses. Creatives, get ready!

Snapchat ads 8

The sponsored geofilters allows for advertisers to use geofencing to make a special filter on Snapchat available for the people at a relevant location. It has been possible for communities and non-commercial initiatives in Denmark to do this for a while, but now it will also be available for commercial use. Hæhæ.

Snapchat ads 9

The lenses we all know as the feature that magically turns you into a cute dog, a baby or simply just slims down your cheeks and ensures a perfect complexion. You have probably experienced some branded lenses before, but so far it has only been available for brands situated in specific countries such as the US. Now Danish advertisers will be able to make their own lenses.

Well, there you have it. Snapchat has finally joined the global game of advertisement — and so have we here in Denmark … almost at least. checking e-mail again. Still pending

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