Redesigning REVOLT for a new era.

It’s been a crazy period at REVOLT.
After 18 months under new ownership we’ve almost doubled in size, added new skillsets to broaden our offering and tripled our client base.

Whilst all of this is fantastic from a business and culture perspective, we have begun to experience a common problem for many growing companies - we’re running out of space. Client phone calls are making the common areas sound like the stock exchange and meeting rooms have queues that could lead one to believe that there was a Bieber concert inside.

“So? Just move.” I hear you say.

Well, in truth, we could, we just don’t want to. Our central Vesterbro location is a fantastic building with beautiful features, not to mention a core part of REVOLT’s heritage and beloved by our team. So in an attempt to extend its timeline, we’ve elected to take a different route. One that will hopefully maximise the usable space through introducing smart working areas, empower ownership within the team by letting them write the brief, and connect closer to our brand values by visually representing our goals and personality.

Currently, the space doesn’t communicate our brand, and though we have the obligatory, oversized logo on the wall, our social, environmental and business vision is not felt by new visitors, or indeed, our employees. Therefore, in an effort to let our ideals shine through, we sought out a like-minded partner for the project whose interior architecture experience and passion for repurposing waste materials was a perfect match for REVOLT.


redesign blog group

Enter Agne Szwarczewska, the founder of Danish design company, SQUARELY. After almost a decade of working on sustainable building projects, Agne launched SQUARELY as a way to combine conscious material sourcing with innovative design thinking to bring a feeling of nature into living and working areas.

The first step in the process was for Agne to understand how we engage with the space on a daily basis and what the current struggles are on an individual and team-by-team basis. To do this, we set aside a 2-hour workshop with some of the team to discuss our daily routines and where we as individuals would feel the most impact from the redesign.


To summarise, nature, peace and function were the strong commonalities between team members. Open office culture has been widely debated over the last decades, and we too feel overwhelmed by it during busy periods.

We discussed everything from the use of ambient nature sounds in quiet work areas, to soundproof phone booths, textures, greenery and creative ways to display our client roster. A bevvy of inspiration for Agne to work her magic and take into her initial design phases.

redesign blog group

We’re a few weeks away from seeing preliminary visuals, but with an ambitious timeline of showcasing the end result with a post-summer launch party, there will be plenty of updates to follow in the coming weeks - so stay tuned.