REVOLT – REVOLT - Covid Co-Pay.

Covid co-pay.

A remedy for the times.

Sustainability and positive-impact focussed brands, we're here for you.

If your business shares our values of improving the lives of people and the planet, we'll match your marketing efforts dollar-for-dollar to help you through the Covid crisis.

See below for packages and eligibility.

We’re launching a new initiative to help positive-impact oriented brands come out the other side of this crisis stronger – even if they’re hurting on their bottom line right now. 

For each bundle, we will match every service hour purchased with a complimentary service hour on us - twice the value for the same cost.

Why? Because the only one way we’ll see this situation through is together.

We call this initiative: COVID CO-PAY. 

Until July 1st, we offer four distinct marketing bundles that can help your business adapt to the current situation and new consumer needs, adjusting your marketing approach to generate leads digitally and ready your business for the post-crisis marketplace.

See below for details on service bundles and COVID CO-PAY eligibility.

Covid co-pay bundles:

Service Bundle #1

COVID-19 Social Media Campaign

This crisis has brought with it a dramatic shift in how we behave online. Consumer needs have changed, rapidly, and it's vital that your social media approach does too.

In this Bundle: A social media campaign designed to engage your core audience from either a brand or sales perspective. Also includes customer research, production of key campaign assets, campaign setup.

Value: 80.000

Starting from DKK 40.000

Resources included:
Digital Strategist, Creative Strategist, Paid Campaign Strategist, Project Manager.

Service Bundle #2

Digitize your marketing approach

Companies that rely on foot traffic or physical gatherings are finding themselves at a loss. However, many of them can reach new customers in ways that won’t just have an impact now, but that’ll make sense in the long run too.

In this bundle: 
A fresh acquisition strategy and playbook for B2B or B2C that will help transition from a reliance on physical engagements to a drive leads or brand value in the digital space. Also includes campaign concept and production tailored to your needs.

Value: 160.000

Starting from DKK 80.000

Digital Strategist, Communication Specialist, Media Strategist, Art Director, Project Manager.

Service Bundle #3

Audience activation fit for the moment

In the era of social distancing, activation is an increasingly tricky discipline. However, the right approach - digital or physical - can assure that your brand is top-of-mind with your audience even if they’re at home.

In this bundle:
Experience-based marketing activation, either digitally or on-site activation. Includes concept development and execution.

Value: 140.000

Starting from DKK 70.000

Resources include:
Digital Strategist, Communications Strategist / Copywriter, Project Manager.

Service Bundle #4

Post-crisis comms. strategy

While this crisis will end - or at least lessen - in the near future, its effects will ripple out through the years to come. To succeed, companies will need to strategically embrace the coming changes and position themselves within the new market place.

In this bundle:
A post-crisis campaign package including market analysis, positioning strategy, messaging hierarchy and campaign assets, ready to launch.

Value: 200.000

Starting from DKK 100.000

Resources include:
Digital Strategist, Paid Social Strategist, Communication strategist / copywriter, Art Director, Video Producer, Project Manager.

Eligibility criteria.

Businesses that have a strong sustainability / humanitarian or societally beneficial stance, who have suffered substantial losses to revenue as a direct result of the COVID pandemic. Bonus points if you're contributing to the UN SDG's.

COVID CO-PAY eligibility is judged by REVOLT on a case by case basis.


Providing consumers with a sustainable option in an otherwise wasteful or high emissions industry.

I meet this criteria

Humanitarian efforts

Providing a direct impact to the lives of human beings in the form of health, well-being or living conditions.

I meet this criteria


Helping people on a local level, directly influencing their quality of life.

I meet this criteria