revolt NEXT:
turning new brands
into next brands

We like to work as partners, not just on projects, investing our skills in ideas that we believe in.

That’s why we have flexbile finacial solutions for new brands to get brand & marketing expertise that takes them to the next level.

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What's a NEXT brand?

Our NEXT programme is for new and growing brands that are disrupting an industry, making a new product or service, entering a new market or doing something that betters our planet.

We believe a next brand should be either...



Disruptive brands need disruptive marketing, and we love working with brands that are commited to stirring up their industry. If you're driving behavioural change, creating new perspecitves or shifting stereotypes, then we're listening.


Creating a fresh product or service? The next mousetrap? Building a B2C brand that stands out in saturated marketplaces is a tough task, and something that we have a proven track record in.

Positive Change

There has never been a greater need to change the world that we live in. We believe that we must all work together to create a better planet for the next generations to come. If you're driving positive change, then we're positive we can help you.

Become a next brand

We're passionate about helping NEXT brands get off the ground and into the market, so we offer several different partnership models to give access to our full services, moving your brand from launch to leader. green-square


In special cases we open our doors to game-changers on a skills-for-equity basis. This makes us true partners, where we build, scale and succeed together.


With firm KPIs in place, our confidence in our abilities allows us to work on a royalty basis. We've seen great results with this approach, after all, if you don't succeed, we don't either.


Milestone payments are a great way for our partnerships to ensure mutual success. If it's securing the next round of funding or hitting XXX downloads, then we're in it to win it.

Like our mindset, but already have the means?

We work with many established brands in a more traditional agency format.


Brands we've moved.

Revolt has played an integral role with many new and growing brands over the years. Here are a few brands that we are proud to have moved at different points in their journey.


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