Animating Public Service

Client: DR
Category: Branding & Campaigns

The Danish mothership for public broadcasting, DR, has through the years made it their primary goal to inform the Danes and tell their stories.

Changes in the media landscape along with challengers from overseas and have made it necessary for DR to communicate their role and perceived worth for the Danes.


Together with the DR’s Communication and Press department, we made five videos. They were a mix of data and animations, that talked to the public service work of DR as well as the challenges that the new media landscape offered.

DR icons featured as the voice-overs on the videos, so that the challenges and work could be explained by the familiar voices of DR.

The videos dealt with subjects such as the globalization of Danish media, the younger audience and their use of media platforms, the news and their credibility, the diversity of the Danes and the expansion of the global media platforms.