DRIVR Brand Identity

Branding a ride-sharing platform

Client: DRIVR
Category: Branding & Campaigns

DRIVR is a rideshare platform from Copenhagen, Denmark.

With new ownership and a fresh direction, we were tasked with developing the brand from the ground up. Our goal was to develop a simple, iconic visual identity that would translate well across all brand touch-points.

We wanted to create a brand that lives, becoming and integral part of the user interface and easily recognisable throughout the DRIVR brand marketing materials.

"Working with Revolt we felt from day one that we were in great hands. Their creation of our corporate identity fit our requirements perfectly and we’re really happy with the outcome. The feedback we’ve gotten after going to market has been phenomenal." - DRIVR

Creating the DRIVR brand identity was an unusual challenge.

With UBER's political exit from Denmark dividing the public’s opinion of ride-sharing, entering as a fresh, local contender was going to be difficult. We knew the brand would need to be bold, confident and not shy away from the perception of ‘American’ ride-sharing – confidently owning the roads as a Danish brand, made by Danes, for Danes.

drivr inline test

DRIVR is committed to a establishing a ‘clean & quality’ service, building a fleet of hybrid / electric cars, and training their DRIVRs to go above and beyond the experience of an average taxi company.

To symbolise these values the colour palette was purposefully limited to black, white and a striking electric green. It works beautifully in the digital interfaces by creating the feel of a technology driven, premium experience, but also providing a point of difference to their competitors on the streets.

DRIVR iPhone X phones
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