The Havana Experience

Stand for the faces of Havana

Client: Pernod Ricard
Category: Branding & Campaigns

Fashion Week is a competitive time of year, especially for brands that sit on the periphery of the industry. We were tasked to fill a room with celebrity-types, high end bloggers and influencers that would capture the ‘fashion-week’ audience through their Social channels.


We sent DJ Flip to Cuba, to capture the culture through his highly artistic eyes. Showcasing his images in a private gallery setting, we brought in the hipster-elite to enjoy Havana Club 7, and share their experience.

Bringing together a perfect blend of music, art & Havana Club 7, we were able to capture the attention of 1.583.000 followers of some of Denmark’s biggest Social influencers.

900 attendees showed up to our unique gallery, leading to 40 organic press clippings in major media outlets and beating our KPI’s by 300%

Havana Club: Full-width image
Havana Club 7 cocktails
Havana Club 7 cocktail making