Client: HK
Category: Strategy & Insights, Digital Products & Experiences, Branding & Campaigns

HK is Denmark’s second largest trade union, consisting of some 261,000+ members across the country.

They wanted to communicate the importance of understanding when workers in Denmark can expect to receive their pension after a number of legislative changes by the Danish government.

There is a great deal of uncertainty in Denmark about when workers could expect to receive their pensions - fueled by a shortage of information and resources around the subject. Predicting your retirement age was as difficult as predicting the Danish weather.

As predicting Danish pension age is like predicting the notorious Danish weather, what better person to help than Denmark’s most famous weatherman, Henrik Voldborg. We worked with HK to develop an online tool, promoted by Henrik, that would allow HK members, and the general public to understand at what age they could expect to receive their pension.

The campaign generated 2.2 million impressions with minimal paid media backing. It allowed 105,000+ users to work out when they could expect to receive their pension (2000% more than target) with 80% of those users coming from sharing of the campaign site with others.

The site had a conversion rate of 82% - climbing to 92% when users came from social sharing - enhancing the virality of the campaign exponentially.