Nordisk Film Biografer

Building a Snapchat presence

Client: Nordisk Film
Category: Strategy & Insights, Branding & Campaigns

Nordisk Film Biografer (NFBio) is Denmark’s largest cinema chain with over 20,000 cinema seats across 18 locations. ‘Millennials’ are seen a large part of NFBio’s audience, but changing behaviours and technologies have meant that this audience is harder to reach than ever before. Their attention is pouring into mobile devices and apps, like Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat.

In the last five years, as young people have trickled away from movie theatres, and mobile has taken attention share from every other major category. We were tasked with identifying a way in which NFBio could use these emerging technologies to sell cinema tickets.


We realised there was no point in trying to force a new behaviour on our audience or revitalising an older channel to better communicate with them. In order to reach the audience we had to speak to them on their terms and on their prefered platforms.

No frills, no gloss, just fun.


We set up a Snapchat channel for NFBio using creative means (and memes) to show what films were showing, and coming up across theatres in Denmark. We also created a selection of content designed to sell the benefits of the company’s loyalty program.

The response has been overwhelming with an average of 3,016 opens and a view-through-rate just above 90%.

When relevant almost 30% of the audience engaging in a conversation. More importantly, during the activation period, NFBio saw a 195% increase in average ticket sales.